Application vendors need to address Analytics

Speak to pretty much any application vendor whose been around for some time and they’ll likely tell you their resources are focused heavily on modernization. Understandable, given how rapidly our industry has been changing over the last few years, and the constant barrage of social chatter around cloud, mobility and SaaS.

Yet look at any recent survey of CIO investment priorities and you’ll find modernization of enterprise applications is near the bottom. We think this is because disruptive change within industry is not being driven by change to core business applications (which is often very expensive and presents huge risk), but from new technologies and services integrated with these applications and other data sources.

Analytics on the other hand is pretty much consistently the top priority, and for good reason. Innovations within business analytics, such as mobile, alerts and collaboration and the emergence of new technologies such as Hadoop, MapReduce and Spark that are driving down the cost of big data analytics are opening up huge opportunities for disruptive change. As these technologies mature, and are applied to more aspects of industry the pace of this disruption is set to rise dramatically.

So we think if you’re a successful application vendor focused purely on modernization, and you’re not already addressing analytics, you’re missing a huge opportunity to drive revenue from your software. Here at DataPAwe’re dedicated to building partnerships with application vendors. We use our expertise in analytics to build industry leading technology that can be integrated seamlessly with our partners’ applications. We’d love you to join us

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