The truth about Analytics and Agility

Gone are the days when analytics solutions were simply a window on our business applications. With the proliferation of mobile technologies and the introduction of alerting, analytics solutions can now offer huge opportunities for change within an organisation, driving business agility and changing the working landscape forever. However, to take part in this revolution, your chosen analytics solution must have two very important attributes.

First and foremost, it must be real time. It’s no good alerting a sales representative to an up selling opportunity ten minutes after the customer has left. Which is why your analytics solution has to be able to process analytics directly against your operational data. Any solution that requires data to be moved off platform will always introduce a delay, and degrade the solutions ability to provide true real-time responsiveness.

Secondly, the solution must be truly self-service. Business agility is about adapting to change, and nothing stifles an organisations ability to adapt more than the combination of over prescriptive information technology and over-burdened IT departments. An analytics solution should allow anyone in the organisation to ask new questions and configure new alerts quickly and easily, in a single platform without having to configure several layers of technology.

At DataPA, we believe analytics should empower employees to adapt their working practice as and when they choose, driving business agility and competitiveness. If you’ve never looked at DataPA OpenAnalytics, why not come by our website and take a look.

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