Playing our part in Scotland’s vibrant Data Science community

As an analytics vendor based in Edinburgh we are not new to the world of data science. Indeed, DataPA was amongst the first software developers to enter the field of analytics over 15 years ago. In that time, we have delivered software to more than 30 thousand users in more than 300 companies, both as an embedded technology for our technology partners and as a stand-alone application to our direct customers. Throughout that time, innovation has always been at the core of what we do. In recent years we have been building on the developments in big data processing and…

Choosing the right embedded analytics solution

Choosing an embedded analytics solution can be an intimidating task. Get it right, and you’ll add huge value to your application, cementing its place with your existing customers and increasing its saleability for many years to come. Get it wrong, and you’ll waste a huge amount of time, effort and no doubt money. So, we thought we’d put together an article to help guide that decision. It’s biased, obviously, we are after all an embedded analytics vendor. But it will, we hope, ring true for any who have recently gone through the process. First off, any solution you choose should…
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The Democratization of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence

The market chatter about Big Data and AI is relentless. For Big Data, the statistics that many of us in the tech industry see bandied about are certainly eye catching; 2.7 Zetabytes of data exist in the digital universe today, 571 new websites are created every minute of the day, by 2020 business transactions on the internet will reach 450 billion per day etc. For AI, they are no less impressive; there was more than $300 million in venture capital invested in AI startups in 2014, a 300% increase over the year before; by 2018, 75% of developer teams will…
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Maps look great, but use them sparingly

As an analytics vendor, we’re always keen to respond to our customers’ requests. So recently, we’ve been working hard to add mapping functionality which we will be releasing to our customers in the next few months. Before that however, we thought it might be useful to look at the role of geographic mapping in dashboards and explore when and how to use them. Maps are visually engaging and more exciting than a chart, so it’s tempting to assume that if your data is grouped by some geographical measure then you should be plotting it on a map. However, this is…
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