We've got an update for you

We're always working hard to improve your experience with inmydata, so we've made a few changes to the inmydata client software. To apply the changes to your machine, just download the installer using the button below and run it.

No need to uninstall any old versions or back up any settings, we'll make sure they're not lost.

Version 8.00.0115 - Friday 24th June 2022

  • Added heat map option for pivot tables and grids
  • Allow simple application of drop down list filters to objects in dashboard from control panel editor 

Version 8.00.0114 - Wednesday 15th June 2022

  • Fixed issue with drill down visualisations list not being populated 

Version 8.00.0113 - Wednesday 15th June 2022

  • Added search boxes to column selection lists
  • Improvements to editing filter conditions against calendar periods

Version 8.00.0109 - Friday 3rd June 2022

  • Added ability to create filter conditions against calendar periods (i.e. where Financial Year = current year)
  • Fixed unhandled error when closing the control panel editor before it finishes rendering a change to the control panel

Version 8.00.0106 - Friday 20th May 2022

  • Fixed an issue where deleting a subject could cause the other data sources screen to fail to open
  • Improve flexibility of OpenAPI queries
  • Fix issues rendering objects in dashboards if the default calendar is not selected
  • Improvements to initial window positioning so windows are never positioned off screen when the screen size changes
  • Fix issues with applying percentage ranges to gauges
  • Improvements to QAD browse import
  • Fix issues applying parameter values in the query to business logic subjects

Version 8.00.0102 - Monday 2nd May 2022

  • Improved the application of default numeric formatting when creating charts in a dashboard
  • Prevent publisher app from replacing underscores with blanks in column names

Version 8.00.0100 - Wednesday 27th April 2022

  • Further improvements to the QAD browse imports
  • Fixed unhandled error in object definition screen when adding certain metrics

Version 8.00.0099 - Tuesday 26th April 2022

  • Added ability to colour chart elements and grid cells based on the summary column value
  • Added the ability to change the label used for summary columns in grids
  • Added the ability to specify that drop down lists should default to the first or last value
  • Various fixes and improvements to QAD browse imports
  • Fixed issue where the dashboard designer warned the user that the dashboard had changed on the server when the user had published the dashboard since opening
  • Fixed an issue applying the name of the axis for bubble and scatter charts
  • Fixed an issue where the display totals settings were intermittently lost when editing a pivot table
  • Fixed an issue with calculated columns using extent fields when importing from Progress

Version 8.00.0093 - Wednesday 6th April 2022

  • Improvements to the responsiveness of the UI in the publisher app
  • Changes to prevent loss of tasks if there are file IO issues on the server

Version 8.00.0092 - Tuesday 5th April 2022

  • Added ability to run publish tasks sequentially
  • Improvements to logging of publish tasks
  • Various fixes to import of QAD browses
  • Fixes to UI issues for import file queries

Version 8.00.0085 - Friday 25th February 2022

  • Added support to import QAD browses as subject definitions
  • Added improvements to make defining an OpenAPI query easier
  • Added the ability to set a username and password in a publish query to connect to data sources
  • Fix issue with queries scheduled with the 32bit scheduler process failing with a newtonsoft assembly reference error
  • Fixed an unhandled error when editing a gauge object that referenced a calculated column

Version 8.00.0081 - Wednesday 9th February 2022

  • Added support for ndjson file imports
  • Improved handling of null values when creating conditions
  • Fixed cosmetic bugs with series tab when creating a dashboard object
  • Fixed issue with headline objects resetting the override text colour option when the object was edited

Version 8.00.0080 - Tuesday 26th January 2022

  • Introduction of inmydata Excel Addin
  • Added ability to specify chart series names in dashboards
  • Added ability to specify chart series colours in dashboards
  • Fixed issue rendering multiple copies of the same calculation variable or calendar variable on the same dashboard

Version 8.00.0072 - Thursday 6th January 2022

  • Added functionality to allow paging on grids
  • Added functionality to allow grid pages to cycle automatically
  • Added functionality to allow font size to be overridden in grids
  • Fixed issues rendering slider controls

Version 8.00.0068 - Friday 24th December 2021

  • Added functionality to allow override of theme background colours on individual objects

Version 8.00.0064 - Friday 29th October 2021

  • Various cosmetic bug fixes 

Version 8.00.0063 - Friday 15th October 2021

  • Added ability to show differences in pivot tables on a dashboard
  • Added C++ prerequisite to installer 

Version 8.00.0060 - Wednesday 6th October 2021

  • Fix for an unhandled error when adding a filter to a new dropdown list in a control panel

Version 8.00.0059 - Tuesday 5th October 2021

  • Changes to support new functionality to allow administrators to control which subjects insights users have access to.
  • Fixed an issue in the data publisher where the parameters in a business logic query could not be set properly. 

Version 8.00.0056 - Tuesday 28th September 2021

  • Fixed an issue in the dashboard designer where trying to define a distinct sum metric on a chart or grid raised an error
  • Fixed an issue in the dashboard designer where the setting of the show totals flag on a grid was not honoured
  • Fixed an issue in the dashboard designer where the drill down dialog raised an error and failed to populate if there was more than one visualisation with the same name available for the selection.
  • Fixed an issue where the save-as process could hang for large dashboards.

Version 8.00.0049 - Tuesday 7th September 2021

  • Fix for an issue where changing the name of a data definition (query) in the publisher app caused the post publish process to fail to complete successfully on the server.
  • Fix to intermittent publish query failing with System not found error.

Version 8.00.0047 - Thursday 26th August 2021

  • Fix issues with publish task failing with error This document already has a 'DocumentElement' node on some servers.
  • Fix issue with data publisher app failing to open on some servers.

Version 8.00.0046 - Monday 23th August 2021

  • Cope gracefully with corrupt config files
  • Fix issue with recent files list being lost
  • Fix unhandled error with drill down dialogs

Version 8.00.0044 - Friday 20th August 2021

  • Fix to intermittent publish query failing with System not found error
  • Fix to issue with publish query not storing forced connection setting if forced connection was the default connection
  • Improved logging of publish query

Version 8.00.0038 - Tuesday 3rd August 2021

  • Various bug fixes with the data publisher app
  • Auto refresh the status of a task while it is selected in the data publisher app

Version 8.00.0035 - Thursday 24th June 2021

  • Allow user to specify whether a dimension is used as a category or graph in a dashboard object
  • Allow users to override data definitions locks

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