We drive success from data

inmydata intelligently automates analytics and forecasting, giving you the hindsight and foresight required to drive success from your data. We deliver everything you need to set the right goals for your organisation, and then measure your progress in achieving them

Step 1

First, we collect, clean and organise your data

Your data is complex and stored across many different architectures. So, we build automated processes to collect, clean, organise and publish your data to our cloud platform.

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Step 1

Step 2

then we generate automated forecasts and insights

Whether it’s for resource planning or setting targets, forecasting is essential for most organisations. So, we then use the latest statistical and machine learning techniques to generate automated forecasts and insights.

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Step 3

to help inform the best business strategy

We then deliver those forecasts and insights along with a platform to explore data at scale, so senior staff setting the business strategy have a complete understanding of the business and its performance.

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Step 3

Step 4

and deliver the right operational metrics to drive success

Finally, the platform delivers live dashboards so everyone in the business can measure performance against the goals set by the business strategy.

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Experience and Innovation in Analytics

Over the last 18 years DataPA has delivered analytics solutions to more than 30 thousand users, in more than 300 companies across 11 countries. inmydata was born out of this wealth of experience and a real drive to innovate.









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