Informing your business strategy for success

inmydata uses the power of cloud technology and machine learning to deliver all the tools you need to understand your organisation and its performance in depth, so you can deliver the right business strategy for success

A platform to explore your data at scale

inmydata is built on a smart data warehouse that uses machine learning to constantly improve query speeds. That means you can explore your data at the speed of thought the instant it has been uploaded. No more waiting for analysts to build or modify dashboards, just the freedom to explore any view of your data with a few taps or clicks.

Accurate forecasting so you’re always prepared

Setting a strategy for your organisation is much easier if you have an idea of what will likely happen in the future, as well as what has already happened in the past. So, inmydata analyses your historic data to build and constantly refine forecasts to aid your decision making.


Automated insights ensure you miss nothing

inmydata constantly monitors your data, intelligently comparing updates with what has gone before to identify trends and insights. As you navigate through the application, it learns from your interactions and offers insights relevant to the data you are looking at.

Delivering the right operational metrics to drive success

Once the business strategy is set, the platform delivers live dashboards so everyone in the business can measure performance against the goals set by that strategy.


Experience and Innovation in Analytics

Over the last 18 years DataPA has delivered analytics solutions to more than 30 thousand users, in more than 300 companies across 11 countries. inmydata was born out of this wealth of experience and a real drive to innovate.









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