LexisNexis delivers powerful Analytics for Visualfiles

Workflow is a key component for any legal practice – increasing efficiencies, improving customer service and coping with evolving regulatory requirements – which is why legal case management has always been a key focus area for software developers.

The market leader in legal case management is Lexis® Visualfiles from LexisNexis. The Visualfiles “toolkit” allows organisations to expand the standard solution, adding their own entities and workflows to match any business requirement, automating even the most complex processes. Today, Visualfiles is the most widely used case and matter management system in the UK with more than 25,000 registered users in firms ranging from 5 to well over 1,000 employees.

This “ultimate flexibility” was proving to be a particular challenge for LexisNexis to provide an embedded analytics solution to their customers. For most business applications, the process of transforming raw data in the database into meaningful information for an analytics solution is the same for every customer. Everyone uses the same system so it can be easily understood, designed and implemented once for all customers. However, with Lexis Visualfiles this is not the case. The unique power of Visualfiles allows each customer to evolve their system, and by definition the underlying data set, to match their specific business needs. Whilst this provides fantastic flexibility to ensure the system evolves as the business develops, it creates a huge challenge for analytics.

However, at DataPA we understand that application developers have already designed and implemented this transformation process, otherwise the business application would be of little use. We believe developers should be able to reuse their valuable business logic assets for analytics, not be forced to reengineer them for another platform. So with DataPA OpenAnalytics, the LexisNexis development engineers were able to reuse the existing OpenEdge ABL code to deliver beautiful, accurate, live analytics embedded seamlessly into their application.

The result is the best of both worlds – a powerful business solution married to sparkling analytics – so everyone wins.

If you have equally valuable business logic developed in OpenEdge, why not talk to us today to find out how you can leverage this valuable asset to deliver beautiful, live intelligence to mobile and web.

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