driving success from you data

We're focused on one thing, helping you drive success for your organisation from your data. We have 18 years experience building analytics solutions trusted by over 300 companies worldwide. We use this wealth of experience and a drive to innovate to help our customers transform the performance of their organisation.

inmydata drives success from your data


Organisations from a wide range of industries use inmydata to help drive success. We have helped customers in retail, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, insurance, local government and many more industries drive success from their data. 


With 18 years experience we know how to drive success from data, regardless of your data technology. We have years of experience helping customers with a wide range of existing technologies. 

inmydata has transformed our ability to understand how our business is performing. Our management are now able to immediately explore our results to any level of detail, finding what has driven them whether it was expected or not. We’ve found it liberating to be freed from the prescriptive views of the business afforded by traditional dashboards and reports.

Experience and Innovation in Analytics

Over the last 18 years DataPA has delivered analytics solutions to more than 30 thousand users, in more than 300 companies across 11 countries. inmydata was born out of this wealth of experience and a real drive to innovate.