fair and flexible


  • 2 Insights Users
  • 10 Reporting Users
  • 20 Processing Hours
  • 8,000 Data Requests
  • 100,000 Address Searches
  • 2GB Data Storage
  • 20 AI Questions


  • 5 Insights Users
  • 25 Reporting Users
  • 50 Processing Hours
  • 20,000 Data Requests
  • 250,000 Address Searches
  • 5GB Data Storage
  • 50 AI Questions


  • 20 Insights Users
  • 100 Reporting Users
  • 200 Processing Hours
  • 80,000 Data Requests
  • 1,000,000 Address Searches
  • 20GB Data Storage
  • 200 AI Questions


  • Unlimited Insights Users
  • Unlimited Reporting Users
  • Unlimited Processing Hours
  • Unlimited Data Requests
  • Unlimited Address Searches
  • Unlimited Data Storage
  • Unlimited AI Questions



Insights Users

Insights users are users that can create content, explore data and have access to automated insights and AI chat

Reporting Users

Reporting users can view reports and dashboards created by insights users

Processing Hours

The maximum number of hours processing published data each month

Data Requests

The maximum number of data requests each month

Address Searches

The maximum number of searches to geo-locate new addresses each month

Data Storage

The maximum amount of storage on the platform used by your data

AI Questions

The maximum number of questions posted to the AI chat each month

We're dedicated to building partnerships that allow both ourselves and our partners to profit from our platform.

Differentiate your app, with AI driven analytics

Leverage the data in your application to help your customers drive success, with embedded dashboards and AI driven analytics from inmydata. Branded as your own and simple to embed, inmydata leaves your developers free to focus on your products.

Ongoing innovation

Ongoing innovation

We have been building analytics for 20 years, and continue to combine that wealth of experience with a drive to innovate. inmydata is updated regularly delivering new features and capabilities to all our customers and partners. 

No hidden costs

No hidden costs

We provide everything you need to load data, build your dashboards and explore your data. No hidden costs, no different modules, just simple, transparent licensing.

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what our customers say

inmydata has freed our development team from the ever growing demand for reports. Our customers now have the freedom to explore and undersand the data we host for them in our logistics application.
inmydata has transformed our ability to understand how our business is performing. Our management are now able to immediately explore our results to any level of detail, finding what has driven them whether it was expected or not. We’ve found it liberating to be freed from the prescriptive views of the business afforded by traditional dashboards and reports.
With Inmydata we are in control. We can analyze results immediately to every level of detail, wherever we are, 24/7.

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